An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Co.

To function properly, industries need such reliable and high quality Industrial Gas Manifold & Pipeline System that ensures smooth gas supply.Thus, we have paid special attention to design quality Industrial Gas Manifold and smart Pipeline System.

Unique Pipeline Projects Pvt. Ltd. has contributed a quality range of gas pipeline systems and supporting tools to the medical industry. Our products are smartly designed with dedicated attention to fulfill the precise requirements.

PNG Gas Pipeline System is the most significant element for hotel industry. They need to be constructed and installed in quality manner to prevent any type of tragedy. Disaster management is first focus of hotel industry towards its guests.

The pipelines used to connect gas cylinders from manifolds for uninterrupted supply of gas play such a vital role that cannot be overlooked. Major sectors that are dependent on such High Purity Gas Manifold & Pipeline Systems include manufacturing.

Industrial revolution needs can only be successful & path breaking, if it is followed by green revolution concepts. Thus, Unique Pipeline Projects Pvt. Ltd. focuses on designing such Fume Extraction System that has adequate capacity to deal with perilous.

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