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Digital Fully Automatic Changeover


The Fully Automatic Switchover Manifold System should be with pressure reducing regulators to provide an uninterrupted supply of Gas from two high pressure bank. The System will automatically switch from the primary bank to the reserve bank without flow interruptions & after exhaust of cylinders in primary bank & again charging, the reserve bank will not switch over to primary bank . In the event of power failure , the manifold solenoid valve automatically open and allow the flow of gas to the pipeline from both cylinders banks . When the power is re-established , the manifold will return to the status it had before the Power Interruption.


A Pressure Control cabinet that maintain pressure to the pipeline and enables smooth uninterrupted switchover from the "In Use " to the "Ready " cylinders .

Individual Digital Pressure Indicator allow monitoring of left and right cylinder bank pressure , as well as, pipeline delivery pressure.

Control Panel indicator LED's indicate the status of left and right cylinder banks , The " In Use " is indicated by the green LED while the reserve cylinder bank is indicated by the yellow " Ready" LED . A red "Empty " LED indicates a depleted cylinder banks.