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Welding Booths


The all in one combined workbench with built-in dust and fume extraction at source. The compact design utilises minimum floor space, whilst providing for personnel a sturdy workbench, integral work area light, built in dust and fume extraction, and a choice of bench width, depth and height. Can be constructed to either stand or sit at the UNIPRO BOOTH when working. There are no installation costs, simply place in the desired location, wire in to the nearest electrical power source, and go to work! TheUNIPRO BOOTH is offered as a static unit , there is a choice of size, handing, optional attachments e.g. power sockets built-in, turntable.

Advantages include:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long life
  • High filtration efficiency at source Pollution free environment and built to a high standard
  • Long vigorous industrial use


  • Standard range of sizes
  • Built-in extraction/filtration
  • Static, units available
  • Waste collection tray
  • Available for all electrical supplies
  • Custom built units available to any size, shape or handing - choice of filters
  • The Unipro booth is also available with a duct, for connection to a free standing separate
    Blower, and free standing separate filter assembly where required, alternatively,
    exhaust to atmosphere